Sex Education Not Child Abuse?


December 12, (THEWILL) – It’s not shocking that the latest directive by the Minister of Schooling, Mr. Adamu Adamu, to the Nigerian Academic Analysis and Growth Council (NERDC) to expunge Intercourse Schooling from the essential training curriculum in Nigeria, has been greeted with severe opposition from teams and individuals, who clearly derive some advantages from the callous sexualisation of the tender minds of Nigerian pupils.

I’m certain that many mother and father and anxious individuals, who’ve heard in regards to the minister’s directive are extremely relieved and completely happy and hope that no quantity of strain from these misguided curiosity teams will compel the federal government to have a change of thoughts. Certainly, it is a main transfer in the direction of sanitizing our main and secondary training curriculum and salvaging the ethical well being of the youthful technology, which has been badly corrupted and diseased by very pernicious teachings that may solely mould them into badly flawed characters.

When some years in the past, I used to be proven the matters lined in “Sexuality Schooling” or “Intercourse Schooling”, which was being taught as a obligatory topic in each junior and secondary faculties in Nigeria, it was stunning to see that mere children, some as younger as ten and even 9, have been put within the fingers of lecturers, who deploy each vitality, expertise and

creativity to saturate their tender minds with each element of sexual immorality and the usage of contraceptives.

After I first raised alarm on this subject in my now rested newspaper column, a involved dad or mum wrote me to say that the ‘Instructor’s Information’ given to the Built-in Science lecturers (who dealt with this topic) mandated them “to show the youngsters that spiritual teachings on points like pre-marital intercourse, contraception, homosexuality, abortion and gender relations are mere opinions and myths! They’re additionally to show the scholars how you can masturbate and use chemical contraceptives (designed for ladies of their 30s). The ‘Lecturers Information’ equally lays a giant emphasis on values clarification; this empowers teenage youngsters to determine which ethical values to decide on because the ones mother and father educate them at house are mere choices.”

It was troublesome to think about that any regular individual may have the thoughts to design such a topic even for the youngsters of his worst enemy! In my opinion, this clearly qualifies as youngster abuse, which, sadly, was unabashedly endorsed by the authorities. However many Nigerian mother and father are extremely elated right this moment on the intervention of the Schooling Minister which, has put an abrupt finish to the entire sickening insanity!

How can mother and father and anxious residents smother the tormenting fears that a few of the Intercourse Schooling lecturers would possibly purpose to deftly deploy this topic to titillate their tender victims as a substitute of giving them wholesome training? One can think about how straightforward it might be for a trainer, who has been concentrating on a feminine pupil to make use of his inventive elaboration of this topic, to get the lady so overwhelmed she would develop into straightforward meat.

I’m advised that there are two major causes for the introduction of this topic in our faculties. One is to empower faculty youngsters with sufficient information about their our bodies and how you can “safely” take pleasure in pre-marital intercourse with out falling sufferer to teenage being pregnant and sexually transmitted illnesses, particularly HIV/AIDS.

The second purpose is to demystify sexual immorality and provides it a constructive picture as one thing to be cherished and loved with none worry, so long as it’s performed “safely” and consensually. The assumption is that with the age-long “superstition” constructed round sexual immorality, which ‘stigmatizes’ it as an evil and sinful exercise, some children have a tendency to enter it with worry and dread, and so, develop psychological issues arising from the guilt they really feel afterwards.

However, these causes are merely hole and unconvincing. They’re constructed on the belief that within the current age, this can be very troublesome, if not inconceivable, for single folks to abstain from intercourse. And so, as a substitute of educating the children to position acceptable worth on their our bodies and preserve their shallowness by abstaining from sexual immorality as our personal mother and father had taught us, they’re emboldened to behave like canine. However, the distinction between human beings and animals must be the power to purpose and decide the results of actions, after which train discretion and self-control. Why not inform a child the results of an motion and use that to dissuade him from indulging in it? Has that not labored for ages?

Wanting on the earnestness with which this coverage is being pursued regardless of opposition from knowledgeable mother and father and different involved events, one is pressured to suspect that there can also be some industrial angle to it. Are we certain that substantial revenue shouldn’t be accruing to the initiators of this programme and their collaborators in authorities from the gross sales of the a number of books being written and printed on the vile topic? Assist might equally be coming from producers of contraceptives and the well-oiled NGOs they’re selling, who actually see Intercourse Schooling as a profitable enterprise to advertise and maintain.

Now, how far has this topic helped in decreasing teenage pregnancies and STDs within the Western nations the place it has been taught, assimilated and practised for a few years now? It’s a proven fact that these teachings have, for example, been launched in each the USA and Britain for a few years now, however as I write now, I’ve earlier than me, a BBC report saying that Britain has the best report for teenage being pregnant in the entire of Western Europe. Additionally, one other report has it that the USA has the best variety of teenage pregnancies in all the Western world. Once more, in the USA, it’s reported that new infections of HIV are nonetheless on the rise.

That naturally leads us to the contentious subject of “secure intercourse.” So, what’s all this fetish about “secure intercourse” and the way “secure” can intercourse really be? The reality is that a whole lot of research and findings have successfully punctured the doubtful confidence constructed through the years on condom use. We all know that with an efficient magnifying lens, it’s straightforward to see that a number of objects, particularly rubber and plastics, have tiny holes via which very minute microorganisms may move.

I learn someplace not too long ago that the “HIV virus is simply 0.1 microns in measurement whereas the naturally occurring holes in a latex condom are of the order 5 to 50 microns in diameter.” So, the place then is the “safety” we now have heard a lot about if the lethal virus can

certainly move via the wall of a condom? Is that this not why we now have typically heard experiences of individuals contracting HIV regardless that that they had practised the so-called “protected intercourse”? That is the time to rethink all these items behind, which some fellows have hidden to pollute the minds of youngsters with ruinous teachings.

Thankfully, we now have one precaution that doesn’t fail. And that’s the good previous abstinence, which has been confirmed and examined to be the one dependable safety towards lethal STDs and teenage pregnancies. We should hasten to comprehend that what’s at stake right here is human life, and shouldn’t be toyed with, for no matter causes. It’s changing into more and more obscure this desperation to create an immoral and ungodly society by deceptive the youth. Now, if not for causes which are lower than noble and healthful, why would Nigeria be desirous to import a coverage that’s failing even in additional superior nations?

Okay, right here is one other level to ponder: HIV is 500 occasions smaller than spermatozoa, but analysis has established that spermatozoa are in a position to generally move via the wall of a latex condom to trigger conception. Now, if that is so, are we not by this topic main our youths via the minefield? The instance cited earlier of the worrisome rise in contemporary infections of HIV in a spot just like the US, the place years of profitable Intercourse Schooling have achieved overwhelming attitudinal change in favour of condom use ought to serve to buttress this level.

Now, with this coverage in place and flourishing, the place is that this nation actually heading? What’s the usage of residing, if one should dwell like a canine?

I might, due to this fact, wish to advise the varsity boy or lady studying this piece to please pause awhile and ask himself or herself what the initiators of this coverage hope to realize in his or her life by giving her or him these teachings. Such a youth ought to marvel how they nonetheless anticipate him to focus on his research after they’ve saturated his thoughts with filthy teachings that solely fill his thoughts with distractive lusts.

Now, if his instructors (who’re largely mother and father) are encouraging him to freely take pleasure in sexual immorality at this early stage of his life, what sort of future chief do they anticipate him to develop into? After “empowering” him to go on the rampage, wouldn’t they’ve succeeded in giving him a illness deadlier than even the AIDS they’re presuming to avoid wasting him from – which is the destruction of his ethical fibre?

What’s the assure that he would have the ability to construct a wholesome household afterwards by shunning the promiscuity that this topic is definitely getting ready him for, which as everyone knows, ends in the proliferation of damaged houses, which has develop into the nightmare of right this moment’s world?

It’s instructive that The Guardian on Sunday, July 18, 1999, carried a report {that a} cross-section of American faculty (largely feminine) college students have been regretting the limitless freedom their mother and father had allowed them and had resolved to dedicate themselves to pursue a “no-sex” marketing campaign. However in Nigeria right this moment, sexual immorality has been deregulated and democratized.

However involved Nigerian mother and father can’t afford to be intimidated and simply watch helplessly as some fellows, whose intentions are lower than noble, go all out to wreck their children for them. And so, they need to have the ability to ask: To what extent ought to the federal government intervene in folks’s lives and households?

The place does the federal government derive the authority to invade anyone’s house with ungodly teachings and inflict them on the individual’s children, simply because he gave his child to the federal government to coach in its faculties? Shouldn’t an open and clear expression of disaffection in the direction of this gross violation by stakeholders have since led to its reappraisal and doable removing from the varsity curriculum?

Once more, and really importantly too; most individuals have strongly accepted and maintain very expensive to their hearts the teachings they’ve acquired from the spiritual religion of their selection (which we as civilized folks should respect) that sexual immorality, which is a grievous sin towards God attracts everlasting damnation; and they’re keen to make sure that each themselves and their children escape this horrible doom; how then can we accommodate and respect this their perception (which is sacred to them) on this unwholesome insistence on educating and inspiring their youngsters to freely take pleasure in fornication? Ought to we simply dismiss and callously tear down a perception they maintain so sacred and expensive, and with which they’ve decided to efficiently increase their youngsters to develop into morally wholesome children? As if it doesn’t matter?

It’s heartwarming that, ultimately, the Minister of Schooling has agreed with these of us, who’ve continued to insist that this coverage is ruinous and has ordered its removing from the varsity curriculum because it denies a lot of folks the choice of selection. Many mother and father should not even conscious that such a educating is being generously pressured down the throats of their valuable youngsters, thereby destroying all they’ve taught them at house.

Actually, there are centres the place some NGOs have established to propagate these pro-pre-marital intercourse teachings. mother and father can take their youngsters to these centres, whereas the objecting mother and father are spared the trauma of watching their children being subjected to a menu they firmly imagine is very unhealthy and ruinous. Their proper to dissent have to be revered.

Written by Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye, a Nigerian journalist and author.

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