When should parents keep kids at home?

It has been repeated by means of the COVID-19 pandemic: Maintain your youngsters at residence in the event that they’re sick.

And Ohio records of absenteeism at faculties for the previous few years present dad and mom did.

A mom takes her child's temperature at home.

From the 2020-2021 college yr to the 2021-2022 college yr, the statewide charge of scholars lacking not less than 10% of their educational time attributable to absences increased by 6 percentage points to 30.2%. There have been other reasons kids were absent, too, which regularly intersect with signs of poverty: unsafe neighborhoods, meals insecurity, housing instability and lack of transportation. Continual absenteeism rose throughout almost all grade ranges, district sorts and pupil subgroups.

And with all of the flu, respiratory syncytial virus (generally referred to as RSV) and COVID-19 threats, dad and mom may be overwhelmed with judging signs to resolve whether or not to ship their kids to highschool.

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